What do we need then?
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Let's shop actions!

The bag is reminding you that whatever information you get now, has to be specified. If you are going to shop for somebody, you have to know exactly what they need. This one has to be as specific that you’re able to make it into a ‘To Do’ (task), with a responsible executor and a due date on an agenda. Mostly this will be the other who is coming up with the solution since you invited them in the thinking process…

Again, you could get the 4 pitfall-answers here. The goal though is to get the experience of the results. So, these can always be bypassed by looking for and combining working possibilities from the past. It is a creative solution-focused process, that promotes bonding and social responsibility, without troubling drama or negative outcomes.

When all seems clear, you finalize the solution gathering process with the decided actions toward the desired situation:

1.  “So what are you going to do now?”

     “What are the steps precisely?”

2.  “Do you still need anything from me?”

and you may express your encouragement and thankfulness out loud

3.  “You solved it beautifully and will do a great job.”

      “Thank you for that and I’m glad I could be of some help”.

So, who’s in for the ride?

This is so simple as:

What do we need then?

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